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Process of deleting a Domain or sub-domain in SolidCP Control Panel.

Step 1: Sign-in to SolidCP

When You Purchase Hosting From Alpha Net then you will get Hosting Access Through the mail. Login to your SolidCP Hosting account by Using that user and password.

Enter your Username/Password and click Login Button.



Step2: Go to the Navigate Menu

Look to the Top Center of the picture. and click Domains Button.



Step3: Click Domain or Sub-domain

Click the Domain or sub-domain that you want to Delete.


Step4: Delete Domain or Sub-domain

Look to the Down-Right Corner of the picture. and click the Delete Button.


Step5: Confirm Delete Domain or Sub-domain

Now Click Ok button From the Top above center.

Now Domain or sub-domain delete has been completed.


*If you can't do it then please open a new support ticket by sending an email to

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