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Let's see how to install Joomla & Wordpress in Windows Hosting Website Panel.
1. Download Joomla or Wordpress full package from Joomla official website: & From Wordpress Website.
2. Then you should go your wwwroot folder that means File Manager > > wwwroot then you see some files like web.config, please keep the file on your hosting don't delete this otherwise you lost your PHP configuration.
3. Now just upload your downloaded Joomla compressed file.
4. and extract the compressed file through your hosting file manager.
5. Create a database and database username.
6. Now reload your website then you see Joomla configuration page.
7. Add your website information like Website Title, Description, Username, Password also database add database information like DB Name DB Password.
8. After submitting kindly reload your website URL. Hope it's fine.
If you don't understand the article then please feel free to contact us. We will manually install in your hosting.
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