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Step by step process to Install Free SSL Certificate on cPanel

Instructions Process:


1. Log in to cPanel

The first step is to login to your cPanel account, this can typically be accessed by going to

After navigating to your cPanel login page, enter your Username/Password and click Log in.

Your cPanel Homepage should look like this:

Note: different versions such as this Theme-Classic may not look like the image above, but should still contain the same concept and category structure.


2. Navigate to the SSL/TLS Status Option  in the Security section

You can access your SSL/TLS Status page from cPanel Search button.

Now look for SSL/TLS Status icon in the control panel as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the SSL/TLS Status icon which will take you to the SSL/TLS Status enduser panel.



After Click SSL/TLS Status Option then you will see the Following Page From there.


3. Select Mark Option that website you want to install SSL then In the upper right-hand corner, click on Run AutoSSL.

Note: Before Install Free SSL Must You need to check Your DNS From Your cPanel and Domain Panel. 

Make sure the website is pointing to your server with us. Use a DNS checker to make sure the IP address of the A record is the same as your server IP.

 AutoSSL will take a few minutes to finish. When it completes successfully the page will update with a success notification.

Once it has completed your domain will have a new valid AutoSSL installed. 

After Complete Install AutoSSL then You can check Your SSL by visit your website with https://

and Your website SSL will show Secure .

Congratulations!! Now you know how to Install Free SSL Certificate on cPanel

We hope the Upload process was easy.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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